February 26, 2012

Medicare Prescription Drug plan

Mailed a doctors presription to Medco. ( blue cross mail order drug plan for medicare )

They sent me the wrong Medication and charged me $200.00

After 6 weeks of E/Mails and phone calls, they now admit to their mistake, but no one is willing to touch this.

And I am out 200 dollars and left waiting !


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Let's Talk Cost

Let's Talk Cost commented on February 29, 2012

Community Admin

Hi Manfred, we’d like to help if we can. Please message us your contact information so we can be in touch with you. http://connect.bcbsnc.com/lets-talk-cost/contact/

Maryanne S.

Maryanne S. commented on March 1, 2012

Community Member

You should not let this go. You need to be persistent with BCBS/Medco & insist they refund the money & send you the correct medication. I would use a local pharmacy from now on!